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* Do you know what the DNS spoofing is?

Suggested article: DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning)

DNS spoofing or DNS poisoning is a popular DNS attack type. In this attack, the following happens: The hackers replace the DNS information with a faked one from a host that has no authority to give it. This attack can forward the visitors of your original website to another fake website. This fake website may be very similar (visually) to yours. What is the purpose of hackers? To steal the personal data of your visitors.

It's interesting to note that several governments have intentionally poisoned DNS caches within their countries in order to deny access to certain websites or web resources.

There are several methods of DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning):

  • Spoofing the DNS responses
  • DNS cache poisoning
  • Break into the platform

DNS spoofing can be dangerous for your website and business. If you want to learn how to protect yourself from these attacks, we recommend you to read this article about DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning).